Enforcement Rules of the Labor Insurance Act(2016.10.05) Chinese

Amended by the Ministry of Labor October, 5, 2016
Article 43
If due to suspension of operations, dissolution, revocation of registration, declared bankruptcy or any other matter, an insured unit fails to submit an application for insurance benefits on behalf of any insured person, any beneficiary, or any person who paid the funeral expenses, then the insured person, the beneficiary and the person who paid the funeral expenses may claim these benefits by themselves.
When a claim to insurance benefits is made pursuant to Article 20, Subparagraph 1 or Subparagraph 2, Paragraph 1, Article 31, and Article 62 of the Labor Insurance Act, it may be made by the insured person, the beneficiary, or the person who paid the funeral expenses themselves.

Article 82
When the insured persons applying for funeral grants referred to in Article 62 of the Act, the following documents must be prepared:
1.Application forms for funeral grants and Receipt of payments.
2.Death certificates, written autopsy reports issued by the public prosecutors, or judgments of proclamation of death of a missing person.
3. Copies of valid household registration form with the registration of death listed and the National I.D. of the insured person or a copy of household registration form.
Those who have completed the registration of death may submit only the documents listed in subparagraph 1 of the previous paragraph.