Labor Standards Act ( 2020.06.10 Modified )

  Chapter Ⅸ Work Rules

Article 70
An employer hiring more than thirty workers shall set up work rules in accordance with the nature of the business, and shall publicly display the said rules after they have been submitted to the competent authorities for approval and record. The rules shall specify the following subject matters:
1. Working hours, recess, holidays, annual paid leave of absence and the rotation of shifts for continuous operations,
2. Standards, method of calculation and pay day of payable wages,
3. Length of overtime work,
4. Allowances and bonuses,
5. Disciplinary measures,
6. Rules for attendance, leave-taking, award and discipline, promotions and transfer,
7. Rules for recruitment, discharge, severance, termination and retirement,
8. Compensation and consolation payment for accident, injury or disease,
9. Welfare measures,
10. Safety and health regulations to be followed and observed both the employer and the worker,
11. Methods for communication of views and enhancement of cooperation between employer and worker, and
12. Miscellaneous matters.
Article 71
The work rules shall be null and void if they violate any mandatory or prohibitive provisions of statutes, administrative regulations, or collective agreements applicable to a particular business entity.
Data Source:Ministry of Labor / Law Source Retrieving System Labor Laws And Regulations