Chapter Ⅳ Promotion of Employment

Article 18
Upon the termination of medical care for a worker suffering an occupational accident, the competent authorities may provide employment assistance to the worker concerned according to his/her willingness and capability to work; for those who are in lack of job skills, the competent authority may help them take vocational training and assist him/her to return to the employment place at the earliest time possible.
Article 19
When conducting the training prescribed in the preceding paragraph, vocational training institutions shall arrange educational and training courses of appropriate hours on occupational safety and health.
Article 20
When hiring workers suffering occupational accidents and providing them with necessary auxiliary facilities to work, business entities may apply for subsidies from the Bureau of Labor Insurance, provided that business entities have not received subsidies in accordance with relevant provisions of the Protection for the Physically and Mentally Disabled Act.
Article 21
The competent authorities may grant incentives to business entities for their outstanding performance in hiring workers suffering occupational accidents.
Data Source:Ministry of Labor / Law Source Retrieving System Labor Laws And Regulations