Employment Service Act ( 2018.11.28 Modified )

  Chapter Ⅶ Supplementary Provisions

Article 77
Where a foreign worker has been permitted in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations to be employed to engage in work in the Republic of China prior to the entry into force of the Act as amended, should the duration of the original permit therefore have not expired after the said entry into force, filing application for permit in accordance with the provisions of the Act as amended is exempted prior to the expiration of the said duration.
Article 78
Should it be necessary to work in the Republic of China for foreign person(s) as family member(s) of the staff of foreign embassies/consulates, foreign agencies, and international organizations stationed in the Republic of China or foreign person(s), other than the above, who is/are ad hoc reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Central Competent Authority, such foreign person(s) shall apply to the said Ministry for permit therefore.
The provisions of Articles 46 to 48, 50, 52 to 56, 58 to 61, and 74 are inapplicable to the foreign person(s) as referred to in paragraph 1 of this article who engage(s) in work the Republic of China.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall collaborate with the Central Competent Authority to promulgate the regulations regarding the issuance and annulment of such permit and other matters related to the employment and administration thereof.
Article 79
The provisions of the Act regarding foreign workers shall be applicable to the employment of stateless persons as well as nationals of the Republic of China also possessing the nationality of foreign country(s) but with no permanent residence in the Republic of China.
Article 80
Unless otherwise provided for in the applicable laws and regulations, the relevant provisions in chapter 5 of the Act shall govern, as the nature of the matter involved therein sees fit, the employment of Mainland China residents to work in the Republic of China and the administration thereof.
Article 81
Competent authorities, when processing applications for permits and issuing permits and other certificates in accordance with the present Act, shall charge examination fees and certificates fees therefore; the Central Competent Authority shall prescribe the amount of fees.
Article 82
The enforcement rules of the Act shall be prescribed by the Central Competent Authority.
Article 83
The Act shall become effective on the date of promulgation. However, for the effective date of amended Paragraphs 1 to 3 of Article 48 of the Act as of January 21, 2002 shall be determined by the Executive Yuan’s administrative order(s), and for the effective date of amended articles of the Act as of May 5, 2006 shall become effective on July 1, 2006.
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