Labor Pension Act ( 2019.05.15 Modified )

  Chapter Ⅴ Supervision and Expenses

Article 40
The competent authorities, labor inspection agencies or the Bureau charged with protecting worker interests may, if necessary, check and verify the name list of employees and other relevant information and materials of business entities.
A worker may, upon discovering any violation of the Act by the employer, file a complaint with the employer, the Bureau, labor inspection agencies or the competent authorities; an employer shall not take any unfavorable measure against the worker who files such a complaint.
Article 41
A financial institution that is commissioned to utilize the Fund shall report to the Bureau of Labor Funds any undue interference, manipulation, instruction to utilize, or other situations detrimental to worker benefits. As the Bureau of Labor Funds deems it as necessary, they shall notify the central competent authority to take necessary measures.
Article 42
Any person working for the competent authorities, the Supervisory Committee, the Bureau of Labor Insurance, and the Bureau of Labor Funds or other relevant agencies or organizations shall refrain from disclosing confidential information obtained while performing his/her duties or seeking illegal profits. Such persons shall perform fiduciary duties with prudence to ensure the maximal economic benefit for Labor Funds.
Article 43
The Bureau of Labor Insurance and Bureau of Labor Funds shall prepare the budget to meet expenses required for the Supervisory Committee and the Bureau shall administer its implementation as prescribed in the Act.
Article 44
All account records, receipts, revenue and expenditures for the Bureau of Labor Insurance and the Bureau of Labor Funds pertaining to business prescribed in the Act shall be exempted from taxation.
Data Source:Ministry of Labor / Law Source Retrieving System Labor Laws And Regulations