Regulations Governing Subsidies from the Municipality and County (City) Governments for Assisting Workers Suffering from Occupational Accidents to Return to Work(2023.12.07) Chinese

Promulgated on Decembere 7,2023
Article 5 The subsidy for assistive facilities stipulated in this Regulation shall be limited to the total amount of subsidy of NT$200,000 for the same occupational accident for each worker suffering from occupational accident.
Article 8 The subsidy recipients of the occupational rehabilitation allowance stipulated in these Regulation are the insured persons who receive occupational rehabilitation services from the following institutions:
1. Medical institutions with occupational injury and illness clinics authorized in accordance with Article 73 of this Law (hereinafter referred to as accredited medical institutions).
2. Professional rehabilitation institutions authorized and established in accordance with Paragraph 3 of Article 66 of this Act.The occupational rehabilitation services specified in the preceding paragraph include return to work plan formulation, job analysis, work simulation assessment, functional ability assessment, work hardening training assessment, and physiological and psychological work hardening training.
Article 9 If the insured meets the application conditions in the preceding article, after completing the occupational rehabilitation services in the preceding article, he or she shall submit the following documents to the local competent authority to apply for occupational rehabilitation subsidy:
1. Application form.
2. Certificate of completion of occupational rehabilitation services issued by an accredited medical institution or an accredited occupational rehabilitation professional institution.
3. A copy of the bankbook cover of the applicant’s domestic financial institution.
4. Other documents designated by the local competent authority.
Article 11 The amount of occupational rehabilitation allowance shall be based on the number of service days stated in the certificate of completion of occupational rehabilitation services in Paragraph 2 of Article 9. The allowance is set at 60% of the insured salary for the first grade in the salary classification table, divided by a daily standard of 30, and is limited to 180 days of payment.