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1. 2022.10.26 Ch勞工保險投保薪資分級表
EnTable of Grades of Insured Salary
2. 2022.10.21 Ch機械類產品申請先行放行辦法
EnRegulations Governing the Application for Prior Release of Mechanical Products
3. 2022.10.07 Ch機械類產品申請免驗證辦法
EnRegulations Governing Exemption from Certification for Mechanical Products
4. 2022.09.28 Ch技能競賽實施及獎勵辦法
EnRegulations for Implementing and Rewarding Skill Competitions
5. 2022.05.31 Ch勞動基準法第四十五條無礙身心健康認定基準及審查辦法
EnRegulations Governing the Determination Criteria and Inspection of No Harm to Mental and Physical Health in Article 45 of the Labor Standards Act
6. 2022.04.29 Ch勞資爭議法律及生活費用扶助辦法
EnRegulations on Aids for Legal Service and Living Expenses of Labor-Management Disputes
7. 2022.04.29 Ch大量解僱勞工訴訟及必要生活費用補助辦法
EnRegulations for Subsidizing the Litigation Costs and Necessary Living Expenses of Workers Laid Off under Mass Redundancy Plan
8. 2022.04.27 Ch工作規則審核要點
EnGuideline for the Review of Work Rules
9. 2022.04.22 Ch勞動部勞動基金監理會設置辦法
EnRegulations Governing Establishment of the Labor Funds Supervisory Committee of the Ministry of Labor
10. 2022.03.31 Ch職業傷病診治醫療機構認可管理補助及職業傷病通報辦法
EnOccupational Injury and Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Medical InstitutionsAccreditation Management Subsidy and Occupational Injury and Disease Reporting Regulations
11. 2022.03.31 Ch直轄市及縣市政府辦理協助職業災害勞工重返職場補助辦法
EnRegulation Governing Subsidies from the Municipality and County (City) Governments for Assisting Workers Suffering from Occupational Accidents to Return to Work
12. 2022.03.31 Ch職業災害勞工職能復健專業機構認可管理及補助辦法
EnRegulation for the Management and Subsidies of Approved Professional Occupational Rehabilitation Institutions for Workers Suffering Occupational Accidents
13. 2022.03.31 Ch勞工職業災害保險職業病鑑定作業實施辦法
EnRegulations for Implementing Labor Occupational Accident Insurance Occupational Disease Appraisal
14. 2022.03.31 Ch職業災害預防及職業災害勞工重建補助辦法
EnRegulations for Subsidizing the prevention of occupa-tional accidents and rehabilitation of workers suffering occupational accidents
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