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1. 2024.06.18 Ch就業服務法施行細則
EnEnforcement Rules of Employment Service Law
2. 2024.05.16 Ch勞動基金運用作業要點
EnUtilization Directions for the Labor Funds
3. 2024.04.16 Ch技術士技能檢定規費收費標準
EnFee-charging Standards for Technical Skills Certification
4. 2024.03.27 Ch勞動基準法施行細則
EnEnforcement Rules of the Labor Standards Act
5. 2024.03.19 Ch受聘僱從事就業服務法第四十六條第一項第八款至第十款規定工作之外國人請假返國辦法
EnRegulations of Foreigners Engaging in Jobs Specified in Subparagraph 8 to 10 of Paragraph 1 of Article 46 of the Employment Services Act Wishing to Take Leaves to Their Home Countries
6. 2024.03.13 Ch勞資爭議法律及生活費用扶助辦法
EnRegulations on Aids for Legal Service and Living Expenses of Labor-Management Disputes
7. 2024.03.11 Ch就業安定基金收支保管及運用辦法
EnRegulations for Revenues, Expenditures, Safeguard and Utilization of the Employment Security Fund
8. 2024.03.08 Ch基本工資審議辦法
EnRegulations for the Deliberation of Basic Wage
9. 2024.01.30 Ch私立就業服務機構許可及管理辦法
EnRegulations for Permission and Supervision of Private Employment Services Institution
10. 2024.01.30 Ch職業災害勞工職能復健專業機構認可管理及補助辦法
EnRegulation for the Management and Subsidies of Approved Professional Occupational Rehabilitation Institutions for Workers Suffering Occupational Accidents
11. 2024.01.30 Ch外國專業人才從事藝術工作應備文件
EnRequired Documents for Foreign Professionals Engaging in Arts and Performing Arts
12. 2024.01.19 Ch性別平等工作法律扶助辦法
EnRegulations for Providing Legal Aid in Lawsuits Concerning Gender Equality in Employment
13. 2024.01.17 Ch性別平等工作法施行細則
EnEnforcement Rules for Act of Gender Equality in Employment
14. 2024.01.17 Ch工作場所性騷擾防治措施準則
EnAmendments to the Regulations for Establishing Measures on Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
15. 2024.01.11 Ch性別平等工作申訴審議處理辦法
EnAmendments to the Regulations for Handling Complaints Concerning Gender Equality in Employment
16. 2024.01.04 Ch育嬰留職停薪實施辦法
EnRegulations for Implementing Unpaid Parental Leave for Raising Children
17. 2024.01.03 Ch外國人受聘僱從事就業服務法第四十六條第一項第八款至第十一款規定工作之轉換雇主或工作程序準則
EnDirections of the Employment Transfer Regulations and Employment Qualifications for Foreigners Engaging in the Jobs Specified in Items 8 to 11,Paragraph 1,Article 46 of the Employment Services Act
18. 2023.12.29 Ch人口販運被害人工作許可及管理辦法
EnRegulations on Work Permit and Administration for Human Trafficking Victims
19. 2023.12.27 Ch最低工資法
EnMinimum Wage Act
20. 2023.12.20 Ch勞動部專業獎章頒給辦法
EnRegulations for the Awarding of Professional Medals by the Ministry of Labor
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