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1. 2020.10.21 Ch勞工保險失能給付標準
EnLabor Insurance Disability Benefit Payment Standards
2. 2020.08.05 Ch技術士技能檢定規費收費標準
EnStandard Charges for Technical Skills Certification
3. 2020.07.17 Ch危險性工作場所審查及檢查辦法
EnHazardous Work Place Review and Inspection Regulations
4. 2020.06.10 Ch勞動檢查法
EnLabor Inspection Act
5. 2020.06.10 Ch勞動基準法
EnLabor Standards Act
6. 2020.05.21 Ch補助行政機關辦理職業災害勞工勞資爭議調解法律扶助實施要點
EnDirections on Subsidizing the Administrative Agencies in Implementing Legal Aid for the Labor-Management Dispute in Connection with Worker of Occupational Accidents
7. 2020.04.23 Ch哺集乳室與托兒設施措施設置標準及經費補助辦法
EnRegulations on Subsidy and Standards for Establishing Breastfeeding (Breast Milk Collection) Room, Childcare Facilities and Measures
8. 2020.04.16 Ch大量解僱勞工時禁止事業單位代表人及實際負責人出國處理辦法
EnRegulations for Prohibiting Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Responsible Person in Fact of a Business Entity from Going Abroad while Implementing Mass Redundancy Plan
9. 2020.04.08 Ch產品安全資訊申報登錄及型式驗證規費收費標準
EnDirections Governing the Fees of Product Safety Information Registration and Type Certification (Modified on 8 April 2020)
10. 2020.01.08 Ch民眾檢舉違反就業服務法相關規定獎勵金支給要點
EnPortion of the Provision of Guidelines for Issuing Reward for Whistleblowing against Violation of the Employment Services Act
11. 2019.12.09 Ch外國專業人才從事藝術工作應備文件
EnDocuments Required for Foreign Professionals Engaging in Arts and Performing Arts
12. 2014.12.31 Ch管制性化學品之指定及運作許可管理辦法
EnRegulations Governing Designation and Handling Permission of Controlled Chemicals
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