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1. 2023.12.29 Ch人口販運被害人工作許可及管理辦法
EnRegulations on Work Permit and Administration for Human Trafficking Victims
2. 2023.12.20 Ch勞動部專業獎章頒給辦法
EnRegulations for the Awarding of Professional Medals by the Ministry of Labor
3. 2023.12.18 Ch外國專業人才從事藝術工作許可及管理辦法
EnRegulations on the Work Permit and Administration of the Foreign Professionals Engaging in Arts and Performing Arts
4. 2023.12.07 Ch勞動檢查法施行細則
EnEnforcement Rules of the Labor Inspection Act
5. 2023.12.04 Ch哺集乳室與托兒設施措施設置標準及經費補助辦法
EnRegulations on Subsidy and Standards for Establishing Breastfeeding (Breast Milk Collection) Rooms, Childcare Facilities and Measures
6. 2023.11.02 Ch技術士技能檢定及發證辦法
EnRegulations on Technician Skills Certification and Issuance of Certificates
7. 2023.11.02 Ch技術士技能檢定作業及試場規則
EnRegulations for Technician Skills Certification Administration and Test Site
8. 2023.10.18 Ch勞工退休金月提繳分級表
EnMonthly Contribution Classification of Labor Pension
9. 2023.10.13 Ch外國人從事就業服務法第四十六條第一項第八款至第十一款工作資格及審查標準
EnReview Standards and Employment Qualifications for Foreign Workers Engaging in Work Specified in Subparagraphs 8 to 11, Paragraph 1, Article 46 of the Employment Service Act
10. 2023.10.13 Ch雇主聘僱外國人許可及管理辦法
EnRegulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers
11. 2023.10.13 Ch外國人受聘僱從事就業服務法第四十六條第一項第八款至第十一款規定工作之轉換雇主或工作程序準則
EnDirections of the Employment Transfer Regulations and Employment Qualifications for Foreigners Engaging in the Jobs Specified in Items 8 to 11,Paragraph 1,Article 46 of the Employment Services Act
12. 2023.10.12 Ch取得華僑身分香港澳門居民聘僱及管理辦法
EnManagement and Approval Regulations for Hong Kong and Macao Residents with Overseas Chinese I.D.
13. 2023.10.02 Ch勞資爭議法律及生活費用扶助辦法
EnRegulations on Aids for Legal Service and Living Expenses of Labor-Management Disputes
14. 2023.09.04 Ch在職中高齡者及高齡者穩定就業辦法
EnRegulations for Creating Employment Stability for Middle-Aged and Elderly Employees
15. 2023.09.04 Ch私立就業服務機構許可及管理辦法
EnRegulations for Permission and Supervision of Private Employment Services Institution
16. 2023.08.17 Ch不當勞動行為裁決委員案件審理給付報酬標準
EnRemuneration Standards for the Board Members in Reviewing Cases Concerning Unfair Labor Practices
17. 2023.08.16 Ch性別平等工作法
EnGender Equality in Employment Act
18. 2023.07.18 Ch補助行政機關辦理勞資爭議調解法律扶助實施要點
EnDirections on Subsidizing the Administrative Agencies in Implementing Legal Aid for the Labor-Management Dispute
19. 2023.06.14 Ch促進中高齡者及高齡者就業獎勵辦法
EnRegulations Governing the Incentives for the Promotion of Employment of Middle-Aged and Elderly Persons
20. 2022.03.30 Ch勞工保險失能給付標準
EnThe Attachment of the Labor Insurance Disability Benefit Payment Standards
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