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1. 2019.11.20 Ch勞工保險爭議事項審議辦法
EnRegulations of the Settlement Labor Insurance Disputes
2. 2019.11.06 Ch勞工退休金條例年金保險實施辦法
EnRegulations for the Implementation of Annuity Insurance under the Labor Pension Act
3. 2019.10.16 Ch機械設備器具型式檢定作業要點
EnDirections Governing Type Verification of Machinery, Equipment and Tools
4. 2019.09.23 Ch勞動部勞動基金監理會設置辦法
EnRegulations Governing Establishment of the Labor Funds Supervisory Committee of the Ministry of Labor
5. 2019.09.16 Ch哺集乳室與托兒設施措施設置標準及經費補助辦法
EnRegulations on Subsidy and Standards for Establishing Breastfeeding (Breast Milk Collection) Room, Childcare Facilities and Measures
6. 2019.08.29 Ch勞工退休金條例退休基金管理運用及盈虧分配辦法
EnRegulations for Labor Pension Act on the Labor Pension Fund Management / Utilization and Profit / Loss Allocation
7. 2019.08.27 Ch技術士技能檢定作業及試場規則
EnRegulations for Technician Skills Certification Administration and Test Site
8. 2019.08.27 Ch技術士技能檢定及發證辦法
EnRegulations on Technician Skills Certification and Issuance of Certificates
9. 2019.08.20 Ch勞動基金運用作業要點
EnUtilization Directions for the Labor Funds
10. 2019.07.31 Ch勞資爭議調解辦法
EnRegulations for the Mediation of Labor-Management Disputes
11. 2019.07.31 Ch職工福利委員會組織準則
EnOrganization Regulations on Employee Welfare Committee
12. 2019.07.29 Ch勞工退休金條例施行細則
EnEnforcement Rules of the Labor Pension Act
13. 2019.06.19 Ch勞動基準法
EnLabor Standards Act
14. 2019.05.15 Ch勞動基準法
EnLabor Standards Act
15. 2019.05.15 Ch職業安全衛生法
EnOccupational Safety and Health Act
16. 2019.05.15 Ch勞工退休金條例
EnLabor Pension Act
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