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1. 2022.12.26 Ch雇主聘僱外國人許可及管理辦法
EnRegulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers
2. 2022.12.15 Ch勞動部受理外國專業人才延攬及僱用法第十五條及第二十六條成年子女工作許可申請案件審查作業要點
EnRevised Ministry of Labor Directions for Reviewing Work Permit Applications by Adult Children of Foreign Professionals Employed in Taiwan Under Article 15 and Article 26 of the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals
3. 2022.11.10 Ch不當勞動行為裁決委員案件審理給付報酬標準
EnRemuneration Standards for the Board Members in Reviewing Cases Concerning Unfair Labor Practices.
4. 2022.10.27 Ch外國專業人才從事藝術工作許可及管理辦法
EnAmendment of Regulations on the Work Permit and Administration of the Foreign Professionals Engaging in Arts and Performing Arts
5. 2022.10.27 Ch短期補習班聘僱外國專業人才從事教師工作資格及審查標準
EnThe Qualifications and Criteria Standards of the Employment of Foreign Professionals Engaging in Professional Knowledge or Skills for Short-term Supplementary Learning Centers
6. 2022.10.26 Ch勞工保險投保薪資分級表
EnTable of Grades of Insured Salary
7. 2022.10.21 Ch機械類產品申請先行放行辦法
EnRegulations Governing the Application for Prior Release of Mechanical Products
8. 2022.10.07 Ch機械類產品申請免驗證辦法
EnRegulations Governing Exemption from Certification for Mechanical Products
9. 2022.09.28 Ch技能競賽實施及獎勵辦法
EnRegulations for Implementing and Rewarding Skill Competitions
10. 2022.05.31 Ch勞動基準法第四十五條無礙身心健康認定基準及審查辦法
EnRegulations Governing the Determination Criteria and Inspection of No Harm to Mental and Physical Health in Article 45 of the Labor Standards Act
11. 2022.04.27 Ch工作規則審核要點
EnGuideline for the Review of Work Rules
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