Act for Settlement of Labor-Management Disputes(2017.01.18) Chinese

中華民國一百零六年一月十八日總統華總一義字第 10600005891 號令修正公布第 6、43 條條文;施行日期,由行政院定之
Provisions of Articles 6 and 43 are amended and promulgated in accordance with the presidential order of Hua-Zong-Yi-Yi-Zi No. 10600005891 dated Jan. 18, 2017; the effective date shall be determined by the Executive Yuan.
The central competent authority may provide proper support if the employee in the labor dispute falls under any of the following situations:
1. Files a suit;
2. Files for arbitration in accordance with the arbitration law;
3. Applies for a decision in accordance with the Act for any of the causes specified in Subparagraphs 1 to 4 of Paragraph 1 of Article 35 of the Labor Union Act.
The central competent authority may authorize a civic organization to provide the support indicated in the preceding paragraph.
Application qualification, scope of support, review method and authorization for any given support indicated in the previous two paragraphs shall be determined by the central competent authority.
The central authority shall designate or hire a professional staff to execute the orders given by the chair of the board to assist with procedural review, issue coordination and data collection for the issue to be determined. For the designated or hired person possessing a professional license, his or her service years shall be counted toward the seniority of professional practice.
Organization of the board, qualifications and requirements of board members, selection method, procedure of relevant matters to be dealt with by the board, transfer, designation, selection or appointment of the employee indicated in the preceding paragraph, and regulations governing other applicable matters shall be determined by the central competent authority.