Labor Inspection Act(2020.06.10) Chinese

Amended Articles 3、4、7、33、35 of the Act by the Presidential Order No.10900063571 on June 10,2020.
Article 3
The terms used in the Act shall be defined as follows:
1.“Labor Inspection Agency” means a governmental inspection agency established by the Central Competent Authority or municipal competent authority or relevant competent authority for the purpose of labor inspection.
2.“Designated Inspection Agency ” means an administrative unit, academic institute, or non-profit organization designated by the Central Competent Authority to inspect dangerous machinery or equipment.
3.“Labor Inspector” means a person who holds a legal labor inspection identification card and is authorized to enforce the labor inspection.
4.“Designated Labor Inspector” means a person who holds an designated labor inspection identification card and is authorized to enforce the designated inspection.
Article 4
The scope of labor inspection includes the enforcement of:
1.The Act.
2.The Labor Standards Act.
3.The Occupational Safety and Health Act.
4.Other Labor Acts.
Article 7
The labor inspection agency shall compile relevant information on the labor inspections of inspected business entities and, when necessary, may request related authorities or organizations to provide the required information.
Related authorities or organizations shall comply with the above request unless those prescribed are exempted in other regulations.
The central competent authority shall regularly publish the annual report of labor inspection.
Article 33
Upon accepting a complaint from worker(s), the labor inspection agency shall initiate, according to the nature of the complaint, an inspection by labor inspector(s) as soon as possible, and shall notify the complainant(s) the results of the inspection within fourteen days.
Upon receiving a complaint from worker(s) the labor union shall review and verify the worker’s complaint and, shall suggest improvement to the complainant’s employer and send a copy to the labor inspection agency and the complainant(s).
When the business entity rejects the suggestions prescribed above, the union may apply to the labor inspection agency for requesting an inspection.
Business entities shall not terminate the labor contract of the worker who filed a complaint, or impose any punishment that is against the rights of the workers.
The labor inspection agency shall be confidential in their management of a worker’s complaint, and shall not disclose the identity of said worker.
Article 35
In any of the following violations, the business entity or the contravener shall be a fine no less than N.T.$30,000 and not exceeding N.T.$150,000 and may be fined per violation:
1.Violation of Paragraph 1, Article 14 of the Act.
2.Violation of Paragraph 2, Article 15 of the Act.