Enforcement Rules of the Labor Inspection Act(2020.09.26) Chinese

Amended and Promulgated Articles 4, 7, 18, 24, 34, 39,and 29 table2 of the Enforcement rules by Ministry of Labor, Lao-zhi shou-tzu No. 1090203938 on Septemper 26, 2019.
Article 4
Related agencies referred to in Article 5 Paragraph 1 of the Act mean the Export Processing Zone Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science Park Bureaus of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and other agencies authorized by the central competent authority to handle labor inspections.
Article 7
Labor inspection agencies may, in accordance with Article 7 Paragraph 1 of the Act, request concerned organizations to supply labor inspection information, including names of the business entity, names of the employer, addresses, telephone numbers, number of workers and other related information.
The central competent authority in accordance with Article 7 Paragraph 3 of the Act shall publish the annual statistical report of labor inspection of the previous year in the third quarter of each year.
Article 18
Authorized inspection agencies designated in accordance with Article 17 of the Act that are administrative agencies are limited to the inspection scope of dangerous machinery and equipment owned by their subsidiaries.
Article 24
Workplaces referred to in Article 26 to 28 of the Act mean for the duration of the labor contract when laborers carry out work services to fulfill the terms of the contract, places where the person who accepts the employer or the interim employer’s direction to handle related laborer affairs can direct and manage.
Article 34
The written shutdown notification specified in Articles 27 to 29 of the Act shall include the following information:
1. The business entity which received the shutdown disposition, name of employer, and address;
2. Legal basis for the shutdown;
3. Reasons for the shutdown;
4. The date of the shutdown;
5. The scope of the shutdown;
6. The conditions and procedures to apply for resumption of work;
7. The agency enforcing the shutdown; When necessary, the scope of the shutdown in subparagraph 5 of the preceding Paragraph may be explained in images or photographs.
Article 39
Noticeable and visible place(s) referred to in Article 32 of the Act means the place(s) stipulated in Article 23 subparagraph 1.
Business entities placing the public notices specified in Article 32 of the Act at places in the preceding Paragraph shall be in accordance with the following provisions:
1. The size of the text, the height of the posted notice(s) and their positions shall observe the principle of appropriateness for clear reading by the workers;
2. Notices shall be in place permanently and shall be replaced should they become tarnished.