Regulations for Permission and Supervision of Private Employment Services Institution(2007.01.03) Chinese

Amended by the Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan on Jan. 3, 2007
Documents and information prescribed in Article 39 of the Act include the following:
1. List of employees: The information on each employee’s name, number of National Identification Card, sex/gender, address, telephone number and arrival and/or resignation date, etc., shall be recorded.
2. Counterfoil of all kinds of fee’s receipt, including counterfoils of receipts prescribed in Paragraph 1 of Article 4.
3. Accounting books.
4. Job-seeking registration and recruitment registration forms: The information on job seeker or employer’s designation, address, telephone number, registration date and job-seeking or recruitment terms and conditions, etc., shall be recorded.
5. Job-seeking and recruitment situation tables.
6. Written contracts with employer and job seeker.
7. When matchmaking (helping? See Article 11) foreign persons to conduct the works referred to in Subparagraphs 8 to 11 in Paragraph 1, Article 46 of the Act, those foreign persons’ report records and those foreign persons’ fee charge of entering the Republic of China to work and wage affidavits.
8. Other documents and information required by the competent authorities.
Documents and information prescribed in previous Paragraph shall be retained for five years.