Enforcement Rules of the Labor Insurance Act(2021.06.08) Chinese

Amended by the Ministry of Labor June 8, 2021
Article 13
When employers, associations or affiliated authorities hiring workers referred to in Article 6 and Article 8 of the Act apply for coverage of insurance, except for governmental authorities agencies (institutions), public schools and the insured units which use the on-line requisition system providing by governmental agencies (institutions) to apply for coverage of insurance, they shall submit the copies of the front and back pages of the national identification cards of the persons in charge and the copies of the following related documents issued by related business competent authorities:
1.Factories:shall submit the factory related registration certificates.
2.Minefields:shall submit the minefield registration certificates, minefield excavating or prospecting certificates.
3.Salt, ranges, pastures, forest and tea plantations:shall submit registration certificates or related certifying documents.
4.Transportation entities:shall submit transportation permits or other related certifying documents.
5.Public utilities:shall submit business licenses or other related certifying documents.
6.Companies and business entities:shall submit company registration certificates or business registration certificates.
7.Private schools, news media, cultural entities, public-interest entities, cooperative entities, fisheries, occupational training institutions and civil organizations for various businesses:shall submit their accredited or registration certificates.
8.Other industries should provide license or related registration, approval or reference certificates .
Should insured units are unable to obtain certificates described in the preceding paragraphs, they should attach the organization or alteration register application for the withholder or the uniform invoice purchase certificate issued by the revenue service organizations when applying for insurance.
Article 24
In the event that there are changes to or errors in the insured persons' name, birthdates, serial numbers of the national identification cards, the insured units shall fill out the application forms for change in items of the insured persons and submit the copies of the front and back pages of the national identification cards or other related documents to the insurer to process the changes .
If there is a need to change or correct the personal information of the insured person referred to in the preceding paragraph, the insured person should inform his/her insured unit immediately.
If the insured person failed to inform his/her insured unit as required in the preceding paragraph, or if the insured unit failed to submit to the insurer the relevant documents according to paragraph 1, the insurer may proactively update the information in accordance with the record kept with the relevant institutions.
Article 28-1
The insurance premium, as prescribed in Article 13, Paragraph 1 of the Act, shall be calculated on a basis of 30 days per month.
In the event that an insured person is transferred in accordance with Article 23 of the Enforcement Rules, the insurance premium payable by the transferring unit shall be calculated up to the date proceding to the date of transfer. The insurance premium payable by the receiving unit shall be calculated from the date of transfer.
Article 54
When applying for all kind of insurance benefits according to the Act, the official documents enclosed not issued by our governmental organizations agencies (institutions) shall be verified by the following organizations:
1.If the documents are made in foreign countries, they should be certified or authenticated by the R.O.C. embassy, consulate, representative office, office in the foreign country; if the documents are made in R.O.C. by foreign embassies or their authorized organizations, they should be re-inspected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the R.O.C.
2.Documents produced in the Mainland China area shall be authenticated by the institution set up or designated, or by the private organization entrusted by the Executive Yuan.
3.For documents issued in Hong Kong or Macau, they shall be authenticated by the institution set up or designated, or by the private organization entrusted by the Executive Yuan in Hong Kong or Macau .
If the original documents are in foreign language, the Chinese translations of the documents must be enclosed and Chinese translations shall be produced by the authorized organizations listed above or notarized by domestic notary public. Unless it is considered necessary by the insurer, the Chinese translation is not required if the document is made in English.
Article 57
When applying for the payments of injury or sickness benefits in accordance with Article 33 or 34 of the Act, the following documents must be prepared:
1.Injury or sickness benefits application form and payment Receipt.
2.Written medical diagnosis of the injury or sickness. In the event that hospitalization is required, the documents prepared and issued by the hospitals concerned which contain the names of the injury or sickness and the dates of hospitalization and discharge can be served as substitutes.
Instead of the “Written Medical Diagnosis of the Injury or Sickness” referred to in Subparagraph 2 of the preceding paragraph, the applicant may alternatively provide a certifying document issued by the hospital or clinic where he/she receives the medical treatment, carrying the name of the injury or sickness, the period of medical service and other details.
Those who suffer from pneumoconiosis should submit their certificate of diagnosis for pneumoconiosis, a form stating previous work experience in dusty workplaces, and relevant imaging tests when claiming Occupational Disease Compensation for the first time. However, it is not necessary to submit these documents if the insurer confirms that the employee has previously been hospitalized due to pneumoconiosis.