Act for Settlement of Labor-Management Disputes(2021.04.28) Chinese

The amendments to Article 43 and addition of Article 47-1 were made and promulgated via the Presidential Order under Hua-Zong-1-Yi-Zi No. 11000038661 dated April 28, 2021, which shall be enforced on the date set by the Executive Yuan.
第 43 條
(第2項) The Board shall act impartially and exercise its powers independently.
(第3項) The Board shall have seven to fifteen members, as appointed by the Central Competent Authority from professionals familiar with labor statutes and regulations and labor-management relations, who shall hold office on a part-time basis for a term of office for two years, including 1~3 members serving as standing members. Board members shall elect one among themselves as the Chair of the Board.

Article 47-1
The Central Competent Authority shall disclose the decision award by periodic publication or posting the same on its website, or in any other appropriate manner, provided that where the decision award contains any information restricted from disclosure or not made available pursuant to the Freedom of Government Information Law, only the parts other than such information may be disclosed.
The disclosure referred to in the preceding paragraph may exclude a natural person’s given name, ID No. and other information sufficient to identify the person, provided that the natural person’s family name and any designation that is sufficient to identify the person shall be disclosed.