Regulations for the Implementation of Annuity Insurance under the Labor Pension Act(2021.07.12) Chinese

Article 48, as amended and promulgated by Order No. 1100135597B, Ministry of Labor, July 12, 2021
Article 48 In the event that a worker, his/her survivor, or designated beneficiary resides abroad and cannot return to claim pension payment, he/she may claim with a power of attorney, along with proof of identification from the country of residence or documents from the overseas representative office of the Republic of China to arrange for payments.

The power of attorney and proof of identification referred to in the preceding Paragraph should include a Chinese translation to be authenticated by the overseas representative office of the Republic of China. Translations that are not authenticated shall be notarized by a court or notary public of the Republic of China. However, if the power of attorney and identification documents are in English, the Chinese translation may be waived unless the Insurers deems it necessary to provide a translated version.

If the persons claiming pension payments referred to in Paragraph 1 of this Article are people of mainland Area and cannot claim their pension payments in person, they may do so through power of attorney, which should include personal identification documents. The power of attorney and personal identification documents shall be notarized in mainland China and confirmed by a related institution approved by the Republic of China.