Employment Insurance Act(2021.12.29) Chinese

Article 19-1 was amended and promulgated by the President on December 29 ,2021 through Order No. Hua-Zong-1-Yi-Zi-11000115861, and it was enforced as of January 18, 2022 as decided by the Executive Yuan on January 17, 2022 through Order No. Yuan-Tai-Lao-Zi-1110001042
Article 19-1
During the period when an insured person involuntarily separated from employment and withdrawn from employment insurance is receiving unemployment benefits or the vocational training living allowance, an extra 10% of the insured person's average insured monthly salary in the six months right before employment separation and withdrawal from this insurance program shall be added as the benefits or allowance for each one of the insured person's dependents. The said extra benefits or allowance shall be given for up to two dependents.
The "dependents" described in the preceding paragraph refers to the insured person's non-working father, mother, spouse, minor children or children with mental or physical impairment.