Enforcement Rules for Act of Gender Equality in Employment(2022.01.18) Chinese

Amended and promulgated Articles 7,9,15 of the Rules by the Order of
Ministry of Labor No.1110140034 on January 18, 2022, Articles 7 of the Rules was enforced as of January 18, 2022; Articles 9 of the Rules was enforced as of May 1, 2022
Article 7
For the seven-day pregnancy checkup accompaniment and paternity leaves referred to in Paragraph 5 of Article 15 of the Act, except that the pregnancy checkup leave shall only be applicable during the gestation period of the spouses, employees shall have the paternity leave during a 15-day window before and after the day their spouses are in labor.

Article 9
The labor occupational accident insurance of the labor insurance program shall not be included in the original social insurance programs referred to in Paragraph 2 of Article 16 of the Act that employees are entitled to continuously participate. The employees on leave shall be continuously covered through the original insured units.

Article 15
The Rules shall become effective on the date of promulgation.
The provisions of the Rules’ Articled 7 and 9 amended on January 18, 2022 shall respectively become effective on January 18 and May 1 of 2022.