Regulations for Technician Skills Certification Administration and Test Site(2023.01.11) Chinese

Amended and promulgated Article 34、38、49 by MOL with Lao-Dong-Fa-Neng-Tzu No.1110527234 on January 11, 2023
Article 34
Examinees of the written tests shall enter the examination room by presenting their admission tickets along with a photo ID such as a national ID, passport, national insurance card, driver’s license, technician certificate, resident certificate or entry/exit permit that qualifies for the application for the certificate.
After being seated at their designated desks, examinees shall place their admission tickets and the photo ID specified in the preceding paragraph on the left front corner of the desktops or places instructed by the invigilator for further verification; Examinees shall verify the notes stuck on the margin of the answer sheets or the name, test registration number, job categories, level and test questions and other information on the answer cards and, in an event of any data inconsistency or seal angle not being sealed properly, examinees shall report it to the invigilator immediately.
Regarding the entry of the examination room, the written tests examinees shall behave in accordance with the following regulations:
1. Prepare one’s own stationary for the test, and shall not ask to borrow it from others during test.
2.All items shall be placed in accordance with the indications of invigilators, except for stationary to be used for the test.
3.Examinees are not allowed to carry mobile phones, wearable devices, or other devices and equipment with information transmission, sensing, camera, or recording functions with them. The devices or equipment shall not be placed in the drawers, tables, or chairs, or at the side of the seats; The same restrictions apply even if such devices or equipment are turned off.

Article 38
During field tests, examinees shall enter the examination room on time. Those failing to enter the examination room within 15 minutes after the test begins shall be refused entry to the examination room. For tests conducted in stages or at different sites, other than those of the first stage (at the first site), the other examinees are also required to enter the examination room on time or shall be refused entry. But if the examination entry time is specified otherwise on the field test instructions, those instructions shall be followed.
For examinees of field tests adopting written tests of non-choice questions or computer-based tests, regulations from Article 33-1 to the preceding Article shall apply. However, for tests adopting manual grading, the regulations of Article 16 shall apply.

Article 49
Examinees having doubts regarding the written test questions or answers or regarding non-choice-questions in field test in written tests format shall submit a physical or electronic written statement including the following information to the competent authority or the responsible certification administration agency of the written or field test within 7 days after the test:
1.The name, test registration number, address and telephone number of the examinee;
2.The job category, class, and examination number of the test, and the numbers of the questions in concern;
3.The reasons why the questions or answers are considered inappropriate or erroneous, related information shall be submitted.
The doubts about the test shall be submitted before deadline, the postmark or the time when the electronic submission is completed is deemed the time of submission. Doubts submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
An examinee shall be allowed to submit their doubts about one question only one time.