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Labor Standards Act ( 2020.06.10 Modified )Ch

  Chapter Ⅷ Apprentices

Article 64
No employer shall be permitted to recruit any apprentice of less than fifteen years of age, unless such apprentice has graduated from the junior high school.
For the purposes of the Act, the term apprentice shall refer to a person whose objective is to learn technical skills in a job category prescribed by the competent authorities for apprentice training, and who receives training from an employer in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter.
The provisions of this Chapter shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to foster workers and interns of a business entity, students under any business-education cooperation project, and other persons similar to apprentices in nature.
Article 65
In recruiting an apprentice, an employer shall sign a written training contract in triplicate with each apprentice, particularizing the training subjects, training period, boarding and lodging arrangements, living allowances, relevant teaching subjects, labor insurance, certificate of completion of training, the effective date of contract, the conditions for the termination of the contract, and other clauses relating to the rights and obligations of both parties to the contract. One copy of the contract shall be kept by each member of the parties thereto, and the remaining copy shall be forwarded to the competent authorities for recording.
Without the prior consent of his/her legal guardian, no apprentice referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be allowed to sign an apprenticeship training contract if he/she is a minor
Article 66
No employer shall be permitted to collect training fees from an apprentice.
Article 67
An employer may retain an apprentice upon expiration of his/her training period and shall pay him the same wage rate payable to other workers doing the same work. The retention period, if specified in an apprenticeship training contract, shall not be longer than the training period
Article 68
The number of apprentices shall not exceed one fourth of the total number of workers. The number of workers shall be deemed four for calculation purposes even if it is below that number.
Article 69
The provisions of Chapter IV pertaining to working hours, recess and holidays, Chapter V pertaining to child workers and female workers, and Chapter VII pertaining to compensation for occupational accidents and other related labor insurance matters shall apply mutatis mutandis to apprentices.
The standards for calculating the wages of an apprentice in connection with compensation for occupational accidents shall not fall below the basic wage.