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  Chapter Ⅵ Penal Provisions

Article 33
When an employer violates the provisions of Article 17, Paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 25, or Articles 27 to 29, the competent authorities shall notify the employer concerned to improve within a given period and impose administrative fine of from N.T. Dollar 50,000 to N.T. Dollar 300,000. If improvement is not completed within a given period or within an extended period, an administrative fine can be imposed for each offence until the improvement is completed.
Article 34
When an employer fails to arrange a worker to participate in the labor insurance scheme as required by law, and the worker concerned suffers an occupational accident, the employer shall be imposed an administrative fine equivalent to 4 to10 times the total amount of insurance premiums required to pay begin the date of hiring the date of accident occurrence, and the provision concerning administrative fine prescribed in Paragraph 1 of Article 72 of the Labor Insurance Act shall not apply herein. However, if a worker suffering an occupational accident is dead or has residual physical impairment in conformity with the items of categories 1 to 10 as set forth in the Disability Benefits Payment Schedule of the labor insurance scheme, the employer shall be imposed an administrative fine equivalent to the amount of subsidy prescribed in Article 6.
Article 35
When an administrative fine prescribed in the Act remains unpaid within a given period, the case may be referred to the court for compulsory execution.