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  Chapter 1 General principles

Article 1
These Regulations are formulated for holding skill competitions in order to encourage nationals to learn skills and improve the country’s competency.
Article 2
The skill competitions referred to herein include the following:
1. National Skills Competition
2. National Skills Competition for the Physically and mentally Challenged
3. Competition for Selecting Competitors for the National Team
4. International skills competitions and Vocational Skills Competitions of the International Abilympic Federation
5. Other skills competitions approved by the Council
The fourth refers to competitions held by WorldSkills International; Vocational Skills Competition of the International Abilympics held by the International Abilympic Federation.
Article 3
The National Skills Competition, National Skills Competition for the physically and mentally challenged and Competition for Selecting Competitors for the National Team shall be held by the Council.
The Council shall appoint subordinate authorities (institutions), municipalities, prefecture (city) governments or relevant authorities (institutions) and organizations to hold the aforesaid competitions.
Article 4
Under Paragraph 5, Article 2 of the Regulations, the following units shall apply to the Council for holding skill competitions:
1. Municipal or governmental agencies above prefecture (city) level.
2. High schools or above.
3. Federations of Trade Associations, Federations of Trade Unions, Industrial Associations and Chambers of Commerce at nation level
The aforesaid units shall apply for accreditation from the Council. Those who obtain the first three places in competition held by accredited units shall be exempt from field tests when taking Class C Skill Certifications within three years from the date of taking the diploma.