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  Chapter 5 Competition Rules

Article 32
To access the competition site, the competitors shall try to be neat and cleanly dressed, with their Competitor Card worn on the pocket at the left upper part of the coat and the skill category code badge on the left arm.
Article 33
Competitors failing to enter the site 15 minutes after the start of the competition shall be deemed disqualified.
Article 34
Competitors shall dress and prepare safety equipment required to access the competition site. When entering the competition site, the competitors shall not carry any prefabricated parts, models, semi-finished products or any rulers, gauges or special tools relevant to the test projects.
Article 35
The competitors shall get familiar with the devices or equipment allocated to them within the simulated site/ time and checking the allocated materials. After checking, they have to sign for confirmation. Any doubts about the devices or equipment, should be taken up with the chief expert immediately or the objection shall not be accepted.
Article 36
After entering the site, the competitors shall be seated according to the work position allocated by ballot, and the examination shall be started after the experts unseal the equipment and materials and announce the start. In case there is any doubt after the examination, the competitors shall immediately consult the chief expert. No objection shall be accepted afterwards.
Article 37
The competitors shall not deliberately damage the facilities in the competition site. If it does happened the competitors shall be treated according to the regulations.
Article 38
During the competition, the competitors shall not talk with experts privately. If there is any questions about the announcement, instructions of the expert, question about the test projects , loose of pages or any other questions, the competitors shall raise their hands in their seat and after being approved, these questions and matters shall be answered or dealt with by 2 experts jointly, no objection shall be accepted afterwards.
Article 39
During the competition, any competitors violating the competition rules shall be punished by deducting the score according to the actual situation after joint confirmation by 2 experts.
Article 40
If any competitor needs to leave the competition site during the competition, he or she shall get approval from the chief expert and shall be accompanied by the experts. The leave shall not exceed 10 minutes and the period of leave shall not be deducted. The time shall be further extended for five minutes provided the competitors are physically and mentally disabled.
Article 41
Upon expiry of the competition period, all competitors shall stop operation immediately.
Article 42
During the competition, the competitors shall not talk with each other or use mobile phones or interphones or other telecommunication devices, any violators shall be punished by deducting score.
Article 43
The time spent during the competition for competitors to manage their own equipment or tools shall not be deducted.
Article 44
Competitors shall follow the direction of the chief expert in case of air raids, power failure, equipment failure or other accidents during the competition.
Article 45
Should the competition be continued on the next day, the competitors shall place the test projects, their own tools, semi-finished products and relevant documents, which will then be sealed by the experts and stored by the shop supervisor of the site, at places designated by the host organization upon closing of the present day.
Article 46
Upon completion of work, the chief expert and the shop supervisor shall seal and number the products, and then deliver the tools, equipment and materials provided by the host organization to the shop supervisor, after that, the competitors may leave the site.