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  Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1
The Regulations are prescribed in accordance with Paragraph 2 to Article 33 of Vocational Training Act.
Article 2
The Central Competent Authority is in charge of the following matters:
1. Promulgation, amendment and interpretation of related statutes and regulations.
2. Establishment of written and field tests’ questions bank for skills certification.
3. Regulations concerning the reviewing and decision on criteria of application fees for written and field tests and expenditures.
4. Qualifications examination, training and evaluation of invigilators and markers, and issuance of certificates.
5. Evaluation on field test sites, machines and equipments for skills certification, and issuance of certificates.
6. Formulation, announcement, and implementation of National Skills Certification plan.
7. Implementation of skills certification plan and commissioning to implement.
8. Issuance and administration of technician certificates and diplomas.
9. Coordination and promotion of the utility for technician certificates.
10. Reward to units and individuals with outstanding performance in implementing skills certification;
11. Promotion, implementation, supervision, coordination, auditing and evaluation of other matters for skills certification.
Article 3
Article 4
Municipal and county/city governments shall assist the Central Competent Authority in the administration of technician certificates and diplomas.