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  Chapter VII Issuance and Administration of Technician Certificates

Article 47
The Central Competent Authority shall issue technician certificates to persons passing the skills certification and may issue technician diplomas upon request. Those who damage or lose their technician certificates or diplomas may apply for renewal or reissuance.
The Central Competent Authority may, if necessary, commission the related agencies (institutions) or organizations to issue technician certificates or technician diplomas referred to in the preceding paragraph.
Article 48
The contents and recorded items of technician certificates are as follows:
1. Name, date of birth, and national identification number;
2. Photograph;
3. Job category and class;
4. Serial number of technician certificate;
5. Agency of issuing the certificate;
6. Date of being effective;
7. Date of issuance; and
8. Other items to be recorded as identified by the central competent authority.
The technician diploma shall record the name and items referred to in Subparagraphs 2 to 7 of the preceding paragraph.
Article 49
Technician certificates and diplomas shall not be lent to others for use. The Central Competent Authority shall abolish the technician certificates and cancel the technician diplomas of those in violation of the foresaid provision.
Where persons participating in the skills certification are found to have any of the following situations, their application qualification or the result of their written or field test shall be revoked and no certificate shall then be issued; those are already issued technician certificates and diplomas, their technician certificates shall also be revoked and diplomas cancelled.
1. The application qualifications of any person participating in skills competitions does not meet the requirements;
2 Any person who violates the regulations for written and field tests;
3. Any person who uses a false or assumed name;
4. Any person who counterfeits or alters examinee ID documents;
5. Any person who disrupts the inside or outside order of the test site by disobeying test field supervisors trying to persuade them to listen to;
6. Any person who, whether through fraud or other malpractice, causes an inaccurate result of the examination; or
7. Other acts of cheating discovered during an examination.
When persons of applying for or participating in the skills certification are involved in the cheating referred to in the preceding paragraph, the competent authority shall notify their schools or agencies to investigate and deal with; if they are involved in criminal responsibility, the central competent authority shall transfer them to the prosecuting agency.
When the Central Competent Authority revokes technician certificates or cancels technician diplomas, it shall notify the same to the central competent authority of related business.
Article 50