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Employment Service Act ( 2018.11.28 Modified )Ch

  Chapter Ⅱ Public Employment Services

Article 12
Competent authorities may establish public employment services institutions such places as to meet the business needs.
Should the population of indigenous people(s) have reached twenty thousand or more within the jurisdiction of a municipal city or a county/city, public employment services institution(s) for indigenous peoples may be established in order to accommodate the special cultural needs of such indigenous people(s).
The Central Competent Authority shall set the guidelines on the establishment of public employment services institution(s) as referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article.
Article 13
Employment services processed by public employment services institutions shall be free of charge in principle; however, expenses incurred by examination or recruitment entrusted by employers may be collected from such employers.
Article 14
No public employment services institution may refuse to process a job applicant’s application seeking to be employed or an employer’s application seeking to employ, unless such application is otherwise in violation of applicable law(s) or regulation(s) or such job applicant or employer refuses to provide information necessary for job referral.
Article 15
Article 16
In order to provide information on employment markets, public employment services institutions shall collect, organize and analyze information regarding wage variations, supply and demand of human resources and the future development within their respective responsible districts.
Article 17
Public employment services institutions shall provide employment counseling for job applicants, and refer them to work, vocational training, skill examination, entrepreneurial guidance, jobs referral, unemployment recognition or applying for unemployment benefits based on the result of job and vocational counseling.
The services and contents of preceding paragraph should be recorded.
The Central Competent Authority shall set the guidelines on the job and vocational counseling and any other related matters as referred to in paragraph 1.
Article 18
Public employment services institutions shall maintain close contacts with schools in their respective responsible districts with a view to assisting those schools with vocational counseling for students and, jointly with those schools, to referring their graduates to work or attend vocational training programs, and, after such students being employed, to providing post-employment counseling.
Article 19
In order to assist job applicants lacking in necessary knowledge and skills with employment, public employment services institutions may refer such persons to attend vocational training programs and shall assist and refer such persons who accomplish the vocational training programs for job placement.
Article 20
For those who apply for unemployment benefit under the employment insurance, public employment services institutions shall refer them to work or attend vocational training programs.