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  Chapter II Development of Job Categories

Article 3
The Central Competent Authority shall act in line with government economic policies, industrial tendencies, and occupation market demands to develop and adjust job categories.
The Central Competent Authority may entrust relevant agencies (institutions) or organizations to conduct the development and adjustment of job categories of skills certification referred to in the preceding paragraph.
Article 4
Development and adjustment of job categories shall be conducted as a priority for occupations that meet either of the following descriptions:
1. Those requiring employment of certified technicians according to law;
2. Those technically involving public safety issues.
Article 5
Development of job categories shall not be conducted for occupations that meet any of the following descriptions:
1. Those to be categorized as requiring professional occupations and technologies;
2. Those requiring tests conducted by the competent authority of the related business;
3. Those involving knowledge and skills for which objective evaluation standards are not yet to be established.
Article 6
Related professional organizations and agencies (institutions) may present proposals regarding development or adjustment of job categories of skills certification to The Central Competent Authority.
A proposal as described in the preceding paragraph shall include the name of the job category, reasons for development, expected results, supply and demand of the labor market, work scope of the job category,, and main work items in writing.