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  Chapter V Test Operating Procedure

Article 17
Skills certification registration shall be conducted in accordance with the corresponding registration brochure of the year. Once registered, applicants may not request for deregistration, refund of the registration fee, restitution of field test materials, or change of job category, class, stage, or test district.
The certification administration agency shall determine another testing date if a natural disaster or serious incident happens and the originally scheduled date has to be cancelled. Under such circumstances, The Central Competent Authority shall refund applicants who choose not to take the test.
Applicants unable to take tests due to a natural disaster, serious incident or occupational accidents, may provide accident certificate or occupational injury (disease) payment certificate given by Labor Insurance Bureau and apply to the Central Competent Authority for the registration fee refund.
If an applicant is deceased before the certification, his or her legal heir may apply to The Central Competent Authority for refund of the registration fee.
Article 18
Repeated registrations for or taking of skills certification tests of the same stage, job category, class and item shall be disallowed.
Article 19
Skills certification shall be divided into written and field tests.
Written tests shall be taken in written or online, or through other means when necessary. The full score of written tests shall be 100 points and 60 points shall be the passing grade.
Field tests shall be assignment of practical tasks in principle. The following methods may be adopted if assignment of practical tasks is infeasible:
1.Computer tests.
2.Machine simulation tests.
3.System simulation tests.
4.Non-choice-question written tests.
5.Other methods for technology development, characteristics of the job category.
Evaluation of field test results of the previous paragraph shall be conducted with 100 points as the full score, or by determining examinees as passing or failing the test. When the full score is 100 points, 60 points shall be the passing grade.
If the relevant competent authority has different regulations with regard to the passing standards of written and field tests, the said regulations shall prevail.
Article 20
The certification administration agency conducting a field test shall provide the test applicants with related information 14 days in advance. Unless otherwise specified for the field test questions, the said regulations shall prevail.
Article 21
Once grades are given, the written and field test answer sheets (cards) or evaluation sheets shall be sealed and guarded for one year after the test results are mailed to examinees, but the ones over which contentions have been raised during the said period shall be guarded for five years.
The registration forms and proof of identity of applicants for Level C and Single-class Skills certification shall be guarded for one year after registration but those of applicants who have raised contentions about test results during the said period shall be guarded for five years.
The registration forms and proof of identity of applicants for Level B and Level A Skills certification shall be guarded for five year after registration
Certification administration agencies conducting the written and field tests shall guard the documents specified in the three preceding paragraphs for the said periods and establish lists of the said documents. If necessary, The Central Competent Authority may pull and read the said documents for review and request the said agencies to extend the guarding period.
Article 22
Those participating in or conducting Skills certification and aware of or in possession of any of the following informations shall keep such information confidential and may not use it for their advantage or disclose it or steal it for own use:
1. Written or field test questions;
2. Field test evaluation standards and evaluation sheet contents;
3. Referential answers to written or field test questions;
4. Written or field test answer sheets (including field test work pieces and evaluation sheet contents);
5. Information involving test results over which contentions have been raised; and
6. The names and related information of those personnel participating in test question formation, invigilation and marking.
The restrictions set forth in this article shall not apply to the information described in Subparagraphs 1 to 3 when it is to be disclosed to the public in advance.
Article 23
Certification administration agency employees who are involved in field test administration may not take field tests conducted by his or her employer. If there is only one certification administration agency for the field test, the agency conducting the field test shall obtain the consent of The Central Competent Authority in advance and appoint test invigilation and marking personnel from other certification administration agencies.Chapter VI Written Test Invigilating and Field Test Invigilating and Marking