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21. 2022.03.09 Ch勞工職業災害保險實績費率計算及調整辦法
EnRegulations of Calculation and Adjustment of Labor Occupational Accident Insurance Merit Rating
22. 2022.03.09 Ch勞工職業災害保險職業傷病審查準則
EnRegulations of the Examination of Injuries and Diseases Resulting from the Performance of Duties by the Insured Persons of the Labor Occupational Accident Insurance
23. 2022.03.02 Ch勞工職業災害保險醫療給付項目及支付標準
EnLabor Occupational Accident Insurance Medical Care Benefit Item and Payment Standards
24. 2022.03.02 Ch勞工職業災害保險未繳還之保險給付扣減辦法
EnRegulations for Deduction of Unreturned Insurance Benefits for Those with Labor Occupational Accident Insurance
25. 2022.03.02 Ch職業醫學科專科醫師及地區醫院以上之醫院專科醫師開具職業病門診單辦法
EnRegulation of the diplomate in occupational medicine or of a district hospital or above who provides a clinic note of occupational disease
26. 2022.03.02 Ch職業災害勞工醫療期間退保繼續參加勞工保險辦法
EnRegulations Governing Renewal of Labor Insurance by Workers with Occupational Accidents Who Withdraw from Insurance Program in the Medical Period
27. 2022.03.02 Ch勞工職業災害保險失能給付標準
EnStandards for Disability Benefits of Labor Occupational Accident Insurance
28. 2022.01.18 Ch性別工作平等法施行細則
EnEnforcement Rules for Act of Gender Equality in Employment
29. 2022.01.18 Ch育嬰留職停薪實施辦法
EnRegulations for Implementing Unpaid Parental Leave for Raising Children
30. 2022.01.12 Ch就業保險法
EnEmployment Insurance Act
31. 2022.01.12 Ch性別工作平等法
EnAct of Gender Equality in Employment
32. 2021.12.30 Ch技術士技能檢定規費收費標準
EnStandard Charges for Technical Skills Certification
33. 2021.12.30 Ch勞資爭議法律及生活費用扶助辦法
EnRegulations on Aids for Legal Service and Living Expenses of Labor-Management Disputes
34. 2021.12.29 Ch就業保險法
EnEmployment Insurance Act
35. 2021.11.05 Ch優先管理化學品之指定及運作管理辦法
EnRegulations for Governing Designating and Handling of Priority Management Chemicals
36. 2021.10.25 Ch勞動部受理外國專業人才延攬及僱用法第十五條及第二十六條成年子女工作許可申請案件審查作業要點
EnRevised Ministry of Labor Directions for Reviewing Work Permit Applications by Adult Children of Foreign Professionals Employed in Taiwan Under Article 15 and Article 26 of the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals
37. 2021.04.30 Ch勞工職業災害保險及保護法
EnLabor Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act
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