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21. 2016.11.21 Regulations for Safety Inspection of Hazardous Machines and Equipment
22. 2016.11.16 Labor Union Act
23. 2016.11.16 Labor Standards Act
24. 2016.11.16 Labor Pension Act
25. 2016.10.13 Regulations on Aids for Legal Service and Living Expenses of Labor-Management Disputes
26. 2016.10.07 Enforcement Rules of the Labor Standards Act
27. 2016.10.05 Enforcement Rules of the Labor Insurance Act
28. 2016.10.05 Enforcement Rules of the Labor Insurance Act
29. 2016.09.22 Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Rules
30. 2016.08.11 Hazardous Workplace Review and Inspection Rules
31. 2016.08.09 Regulations Governing the Registration of Safety Information for Machinery, Equipment and Tools
32. 2016.08.05 Safety Standard of Machinery and Equipment
33. 2016.07.28 Regulations on Subsidy and Standards for Establishing Breastfeeding (Breast Milk Collection) Rooms, Childcare Facilities and Measures
34. 2016.07.01 Regulations of the Settlement Labor Insurance Disputes
35. 2016.05.31 Directions Governing Type Verification of Machinery, Equipment and Tools
36. 2016.05.18 Act of Gender Equality in Employment
37. 2016.04.29 Regulations for Subsidizing the Litigation Costs and Necessary Living Expenses of Workers Laid Off under Mass Redundancy Plan
38. 2016.04.26 Regulations for Handling Complaints Concerning Gender Equality in Employment
39. 2016.03.21 Regulations of the Examination of Injuries and Diseases Resulting from the Performance of Duties by the Insured Persons of the Labor Insurance Program
40. 2016.03.21 Regulations of Workers with Occupational Accidents who withdraw from Insurance Program in the Medical Period Continue to Join Labor Insurance
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